Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Our Solutions

Video Compression


Our Video Optimization Service compresses images and videos  to save retailers the cost of file storage and streaming without compromising on the viewing experience.  Retailers simply upload original content and immediately receive the newly formatted content ready for distribution.  

Face Recognition & Verification


Compression Labs offers retailers and solution providers with technologies around Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.  Through our Face Recognition Service retailers are able to identify repeat customers at the counter through face recognition.  The Face Verification automates face and ID comparison at the counter for added credit card security and theft for Loss Prevention.

Visual Polisher


Visual Polisher Service digitally polishes images and videos to bring out the product’s natural beauty.   Retailers simply upload their assets to the service and immediately receive the visually “polished” content.  Whether it is an image of a sparkling diamond necklace on an e-commerce site or a video of a juicy hamburger on a digital signage, immediately improve your conversion rate by enhancing your current digital assets and pleasing your customers’ visual experience.